Think Before Implementing CMMI

Think Before Implementing CMMI

Both misinterpretation of improvement models, as well as the bad practice of implementation have generated significant losses of time and money, so before asking how to implement CMMI should reflect two things:

1 Do you need an capability maturity model integration your company?, and
2 According to their needs, will require maturity levels or capability levels?

The attention of the senior executives of the organization should not only address requests difficult to captivate customers with thousands of certifications, software and other laws imposed by the consumption needs of IT, the C-suite affected (CEO, CTO, CIO, CPO) should focus its attention on strategic business process control and continuous improvement in order to measure outcomes in their KPI, for which CMMI offers sustained growth supported by improved levels of maturity and ability levels.
Now, talking about how to implement, first as stated above is to identify the key business processes in 4 areas:

Project management
Process Management

CMMI supports two ways of improvement using levels. A path enables organizations to incrementally improve processes corresponding to an individual process area (or group of process areas) selected by the organization. The other path enables organizations to improve a set of related processes, trying to incrementally successive sets of process areas.
These two improvement paths are associated with the two types of levels: capability levels and maturity levels.
The use of the continuous representation allows to achieve "levels of capacity." Using the staged representation achieves "maturity levels".
I hope you have been helpful this article!