How to Design a System for Continuous Improvement

How to Design a System for Continuous Improvement

The question in many process areas to which is assigned to them continuously improve your organization is How to design a system of continuous improvement?, however may be are asking the wrong question because they must first ask does substantiate that improvement, the answer is simple: Build on Objectives Quality, Processes and Business that has the organization.

How to implement continuous improvement, based on Objectives quality, processes and business

Many organizations initiate a process improvement, regardless of its purpose is to optimize a set of tasks to generate productivity. Ignoring this, planned independent enhancement of each task without bringing an efficient flow that satisfies the business, then assemble a flow with which they intend to operate the "system improvement", "model", however in practice it is evident failure because the entire improvement program did not perform as a structured and unified system but as independent activities, while helping as a unit, generate profitable benefits. By the way, this is called "Silos".

Scope of process improvement

Therefore, before starting a process improvement, one must know their scope within the organization, identify the key processes that will be analyzed and focused on business vision, dynamism of the industry and the need to respond to the versatility customer.

Objectives Quality, Processes and Business

The objectives are translated into performance indicators, which in time will be reflected in the performance of processes. The improvement are core objectives quality, processes and business; these provide the key to designing a process management system, in this way gain a tactical system, because it will coincide with the corporate strategy of the organization. This system process management, will be transverse to the life cycles of projects and develop products or services that organization.
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